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Depakote Lawsuit

by on October 27, 2011

Depakote Lawsuit Settlement

What You Should Know Before You File Your Depakote Lawsuit

Depakote, a drug made by Abbott Laboratories, has been proven to have dangerous side effects that patients were not sufficiently warned about. As a result, thousands have been coming forward and filing Depakote lawsuits this year. Depakote is typically prescribed for the treatment of mania and seizures associated with depression, bipolar disorders, and other mental conditions. Unfortunately, it causes its users more harm than benefit. It has been causing birth defects in unborn children.

Some of the birth defects that Depakote has been causing in unborn infants are retardation of growth, malformations of neural tubes, skeletal defects, heart malformations, deformations of hands, undescended testes, pulmonary stenosis, and spinda bifida. If you were using Depakote during pregnancy and have a child born with one or more of these conditions, make sure you consider evaluating your case for a Depakote lawsuit ASAP.

Birth Defects from Depakote

There is a great deal of research evidence of Depakote directly causing infant birth defects. Hundreds of such Depakote lawsuit cases have been built, fought, and won successfully by our lawyers. Abbott basically knew of the drug’s dangers and didn’t think enough to warn millions of people using it about them. They were basically so concerned about raking in the profits that they didn’t think twice about informing their customers of the dangerous side effects of Depakote.
Besides birth defects, there are many other side effects on the user of this drug as well. Problematic deliveries, pre-eclampsia, and risks of death during birth have all been connected to the drug in Depakote lawsuit cases.

Why You Should Sue Abbott

In failing to warn patients of the severe birth defects this drug could cause lay Abbott’s negligence and greed. They have forced your innocent child to pay that price. Now, you can make them pay back with your Depakote lawsuit. Of course, nothing they do can really undo that great damage they’ve done. However, at least you will get your child some justice through the Depakote lawsuit. If you’re worried about the complexities and legal formalities involved with pursuing a case, just fill out our free case evaluation box on this page. You can be sure that you’ll have the most reliable, honest and trustworthy lawyers at your aid and will not need to worry about the financial or legal obligations involved at all.
Abbott has already had to pay victims millions of dollars for its mistakes. It is counting on you being too scared to get them into court to save their scampered profits. Do not prove those cheaters right! Don’t let these guys intimidate you. You aren’t alone. Every lawyer at our company is ready with complete faith to help you. That free case evaluation is us reaching out our hands to help you in getting the compensation that you and your family totally deserve.

How Much Compensation Can You Expect?

There never is a fixed amount with pharmaceutical product lawsuits. That’s because every case and claim is very different from the next. However, if you took Depakote while pregnant and that child was born with defects, you can be sure you’ve got a case. Furthermore, note that your attorneys are only paid depending on the money you recover from the case – no extra attorney costs out of your pocket. That also means that it is in the best interest of your attorneys to chase Abbott with your entire lawsuit’s worth.

Furthermore, Abbott’s one of the big and dirty pharmaceutical companies that isn’t necessarily known for its big heart. You can be sure that they will never put lives before money. A lawsuit, however, forces them to place value on life. They’ve hurt you, your child, and your family through their negligence, which might even have been a deliberate one to promote sales of their products. Hurt them with what they really care about – their money. When you file a Depakote lawsuit, you demand compensation for the damage caused, put Abbott’s reputation, money, and credibility at stake, and bring your family peace of mind. It really is up to every affected family out there to help ensure that no more families get hurt. Fill out our free evaluation form on this page right now with details of your Depakote lawsuit. You’ll get your ball rolling into the Depakote lawsuit courts ASAP!

Qualifying for a Depakote Lawsuit

A Depakote lawsuit is always built upon medical findings and proof of the birth defects caused by Depakote, as well as official research findings providing evidence of connection between the drug and birth defects (of which there are many). If you have got a child that was born with birth defects after you used Depakote in pregnancy, you can be almost definite you’ve got a case as long as you stick to that statute of limitations.

Now, the best way to evaluate your case for eligibility is discussing it with a professional lawyer with experience in the field. You can easily fill out our case review form on this page for that. Our lawyers will get back to you with in-depth information about your Depakote lawsuit eligibility with 2 business days.

Get Your Depakote Lawsuit Case Evaluated NOW!

Have you made up your mind to pursue the lawsuit yet? Well, even if you’re still pondering, make sure you fill out our free evaluation form on this page. It’ll only take a mere 10-15 minutes and is the first step towards finding out if you qualify for a Depakote lawsuit, how much compensation you might receive for your case, and more in-depth comments on your case from some of the best Depakote lawyers in town. The worst thing would be to finally decide to file the lawsuit only to discover that you’ve missed statutes of limitations in your state and should have filed it earlier to qualify. Do not let your decision to not pursue your Depakote lawsuit case nag you and your family for the rest of your life. Contact us today!

Your family has been through a lot of trauma already; you definitely did not deserve to become a victim the first time round and should NOT become one again. That is exactly why we have worked so hard to hire the most experienced, qualified, trustworthy, and hard-working Depakote lawyers to represent and evaluate every Depakote lawsuit case for our clients. With us, we’re one strong team fighting your Depakote lawsuit against the treacherous Abbott Corporation.

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